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From Other Graduates

SCAA 전문가 과정 프로그램은 가장 훌륭한 커피 참교육 프로그램입니다. 본원에서 이론과 실기를 모두 마스터 할 수 있는 SCCA 커피 교육 과정에 참여하세요.
Sujin Lee and Steven Kil
Specialty Coffee Institute of Asia
The SCAA instructor course I participated in was just what I needed to polish my delivery skills, not only in SCAA courses but skills that could be transferred to delivering any content on any subject. Clear objectives, goals and pathways to complete the tasks in hand.
Stephen Leighton
Managing Director / Has Bean Coffee
The SCAA has helped me fine tune my personal teaching style and enabled me to adapt my approach to different students. Not only has it helped me become a better coffee trainer but the SCAA constantly challenges my knowledge and has shown me that engaging with others within the community is hugely beneficial for the industry at large.”
Masako Yamamoto
Attending SCAA classes as a student or instructor is always an excellent learning experience. The SCAA courses are the standard to which I hold all other trainings I attend or teach.
Sarah Leslie
SCAA Specialized Instructor
Having participated in, been an instructor for and contributed content to the SCAA courses over the past 5 years, I believe there is no better training investment for coffee professionals. The information presented throughout the barista, roaster, taster and buyer pathways are both essential and accessible. That this information is delivered by vetted, world-class industry professionals is nothing short of amazing.
Colleen Anunu
Coffee supply chain development consultant / @Anunumous
This was more than just an online seminar. Topic coverage was comprehensive and well-organized, and the instructors achieved their aim of imbuing a historical perspective of the roasting process and equipment. However, it was the interaction of the participants that took the course to a whole new level. I came away with lots of ideas to add to my shop.
Arka Chaudhuri
Roast Wrangler / Kustomcoffee
I do a lot of training for our staff around coffee quality, prep, espresso, roasting, etc., and a lot of facilitating for our coop (100+ folks).  [The SCAA class gave me] a ton of stuff to bring back to my work at Equal Exchange.  The Kirkpatrick and KASH stuff were very interesting, as well as the pieces around test validity.
Mike Mowry
Coffee Quality Coordinator / Equal Exchange
The @SpecialtyCoffee Instructor Development Program changed everything about the way I create & utilize training systems, thank you SCAA!!!
Harold McGovern